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ReportX  -  (demo data pack included)

See ReportX screen-shot

 Data retrieving application

·         Access information from any ODBC relational database in seconds.

·         Critical Data is presented in an “easy to read’’ format.

·         Data can be exported to different formats.

·         ReportX integrates with other applications-Pastel, VIP, ERP systems.

·         Retrieves and opens stored electronic files-Multiple Image support, sound files, MS Offices files, and drawing files.

·         Data graphs in 2D and 3D

·         ReportX allows you to perform complex queries and analysis (such as data mining) on the information without slowing down the operational systems.

·         ReportX gives you only the information you need. A big plus for senior management who need accurate and specific data. The application integrates with existing ODBC relational databases as well as spreadsheets to give you a seamless reporting tool. ReportX is flexible and can be changed as your business needs change.


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  1. ReportX Info (PDF)
  2. ReportX Single-User (ZIP)
  3. ReportX Multi-User (ZIP)

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Short term insurance management system

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·         AdeptOffice can be configured and tailored to suit any short-term insurance business.

·         User group security structures




Syspro Integration (ERP)

·         Access to database records